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Recent New York car accident: 5 killed, 6 injured

Head-on collisions are perhaps the most violent type of car accidents. When two vehicles crash into one another from opposite directions, the impact that each vehicle’s occupants experience is typically…

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Recent New York bicycle accident: teen seriously injured in crash

Like in many personal injury cases, the injuries suffered by a bicyclist in a bike crash can vary widely. In a minor accident, some may only suffer bumps, bruises, cuts…

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Recent New York car accident: 1 injured in crash

As any New York resident who has been in a car crash can tell you, being involved in one can be a terrifying experience. Often, at least some of the…

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Pokémon Go is The Latest Example of Distracted Driving

Many drivers are finding themselves to be distracted when they are behind the wheel, whether they are talking on their cell phone, texting, eating, surfing the Internet on their mobile…

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Drowsy Drivers Pose Dangers on the Road

While most will agree that getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated poses a threat to the driver and others, it is unbeknownst to many that a motorist’s…

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New York biker involved in bike accident, suffers head injury

Many bicycle accidents in New York City are caused by negligent or reckless motorists. However, a recent bike accident on Madison Avenue and East 56th Street didn’t even involve a…

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Outdoor slip and fall accidents and what causes them

One of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits in New York is one that arises after someone was injured on another person’s property. This is due to the…

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New Jersey teens killed in early morning car accident

Two young men from New Brunswick and North Brunswick were tragically killed in a single-car accident after the car in which they were riding left Route 18 and crashed into…

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Recent New York car accidents: Fatal accident kills 1

It’s a person’s worst nightmare to be awoken by the sound of a trooper knocking on the door to say that the individual’s spouse, parent or child is never coming…

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Commissioner States 2024 Vision Zero Goal Unreachable

The 2016 Vision Zero Conference, held on March 10, highlighted new crash statistics and the 2024 goal of zero deaths. The Gothamist reported that the New York Police Department Commissioner…

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