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New York’s old world dog bite law

Under New York law, pet owners have some responsibility if you are bitten or injured by their dog. But in order to collect full damages, the victim must prove that…

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Dance floor collapse at Clemson party raises legal questions

From time to time there are deadly fires or shootings at night clubs, but it’s not normal for the dance floor to collapse. So it was shocking when the entire…

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The biggest danger to teen drivers is teen passengers

Distracted driving presents a serious risk to the person driving and anyone who shares the road with them. This is especially true for teen drivers, who are more likely to…

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Construction companies come up short on worker safety. Again!

Construction is a dangerous industry. Recognizing that, and acknowledging that New York’s landscape necessitates building ever upward, the state stands apart from many others in the legal protection it seeks…

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Who is responsible for the deadly limo crash?

The investigation into the limousine crash in upstate New York is early and ongoing. There are many unanswered questions about what happened and why. This tragedy is a textbook example…

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E-scooters (and scooter injuries) are making their way into NYC

Foot-powered scooters have been around a long time. But increasingly, you see people whizzing by on battery-powered scooters. If you thought electric scooters were outlawed in New York City, you…

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‘Reasonably safe’ standard leaves room to raise legal questions

A 20-year-old New York City man is under arrest, charged with murder in the death last month of his 4-year-old brother. According to news reports, the man allegedly flung the…

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