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Things to consider when choosing a rehabilitation center

Hearing that a loved one has been in an accident is difficult. Learning that the person is paralyzed or has other limitations because of a spinal cord injury turns a…

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Premises liability: Hotel sued for handling of shooting

Recently, New York residents and people around the world learned of the horrific mass shooting that occurred at a country music festival. More than 58 people were killed and hundreds…

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Car accident leaves multiple people injured in New York

Many people may panic when an unexpected event takes place. This reaction is often not unwarranted as it can be difficult to understand what is happening at the time. When…

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Duty of care is a critical element of medical malpractice claims

The actions of a doctor can help — or sometimes hurt — a person. When a patient is harmed, he or she may be entitled to compensation for the damages…

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The severity of brain injuries varies considerably

Last year, the New York Daily Post published an article about the rising costs of day care in New York City. During 2015, parents in the city could expect to…

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