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Crash prevention systems: Working well, with a promising future

The streets of New York are so busy and congested that most people see traffic accidents as an unavoidable consequence of living in the city. But could we ever hope…

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Rapid Flash Beacons Going Global

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) were first developed in the United States, but now are spreading to places such as Abu Dhabi. RRFB are placed at pedestrian crosswalks and emit…

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Criminal charges filed against landlord and accomplices in East Village gas explosion

New York City residents likely remember seeing images of the aftermath of a gas explosion that rocked the city’s East Village neighborhood last March. As a result of the explosion…

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Repeat Offenders: Doctors Sued For Malpractice Are Likely to Get Sued Again

One percent of all doctors account for 32 percent of all paid malpractice claims and there is a direct relationship between the numbers of claims a physician pays and the…

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Does your rental unit contain lead paint?

The ongoing lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, MI has raised many troubling questions and resulted in residents throughout the U.S. to also question their own safety when it comes to…

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Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

When going to a medical doctor, most of us trust and rely on the care we receive. Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes and can cause or aggravate serious health issues for…

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In New York City, construction boom poses dangers to residents

Last Friday morning, individuals who were in lower Manhattan near Worth St. and West Broadway felt the earth shake as a towering 565 foot crane toppled to the ground. According…

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Parents desperate for daycare, must be aware of potential safety hazards

Last year, the New York Daily Post published an article about the rising costs of day care in New York City. During 2015, parents in the city could expect to…

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