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Filing a Wrongful Death Action

It is devastating to lose a loved one. It can be particularly traumatizing when their death was caused by the wrongful conduct of another. Recently, there has been much news…

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Has your landlord shoveled and salted?

New York City has become a winter wonderland as the Weather Channel reports that snowfall totals in Central Park climbed to more than two feet. As snow removal crews work…

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As NYC residents brace for winter storm, risks of CO poisoning increase

According to New York State’s Department of Health, every year some 200 people are hospitalized throughout the state due to carbon monoxide poisoning. CO is an odorless and colorless gas…

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NYC mayor backs down on Uber regulations, for now

Many New Yorkers have noticed that the streets of Manhattan seem to be getting more crowded. This, of course, causes problems more serious than a longer commute. Greater traffic congestion…

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Elevator cited in 25-year-old’s death had 3 open violations

In a city like New York City which is full of high rises and skyscrapers, it’s difficult to avoid using an elevator. In fact, for many city residents, taking an…

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Can party hosts be held liable for drunk driving injuries?

We talk a lot about premises liability on our blog and most people can think of a few general scenarios that fall under this liability umbrella. Commonly heard cases, such…

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Health and safety concerns mount over Chipotle’s restaurants and food

Many New York City residents are likely familiar with the American-Mexican fast food restaurant chain Chipotle. Started in 1993, before it was in vogue, the company took steps to ensure…

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