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Can You Sue a Doctor for Misdiagnosis?

When you visit a doctor, you trust them to diagnose any health issues you may have accurately. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes make errors, and a misdiagnosis can lead to incorrect treatment,…

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New York Hospital Safety

A recent report published in Crain’s New York Business notes that only 11.3% of all hospitals ranked in the state got an “A” for patient safety, as rated by an…

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You’ve Heard of Wrongful Death Lawsuits. What is a Wrongful Life Suit?

You’ve Heard of Wrongful Death Lawsuits. What is a Wrongful Life Suit? No, we’re not talking about the satirical TikTok by Kass Theaz (who was joking when she said she…

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Suing for Botched Plastic Surgeries in New York

“We must suffer for beauty” may be a reason for seeking plastic surgery in the first place, but in general we don’t expect to suffer more than routine pain. Plastic…

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The Dangerous and Deadly Consequences of Medical Misdiagnoses

The trust placed in medical professionals is trust violated upon the discovery that malpractice occurred. Oversights and the overall lack of quality care not only violate the bond between doctor…

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SI joint pain is a commonly misdiagnosed low back injury

How long has your lower back pain bothered you? Your doctor may have told you that you have a degenerative disc that’s causing a problem. Doctors often diagnose the cause…

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Duty of care is a critical element of medical malpractice claims

The actions of a doctor can help — or sometimes hurt — a person. When a patient is harmed, he or she may be entitled to compensation for the damages…

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When medical professionals breach the accepted standard of care

By law and by professional oath, physicians have a duty to provide competent medical advice and treatment. A mistake or lapse can be fatal or life-changing. In a medical malpractice…

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When is it dental malpractice? What is the legal remedy?

A little pain is normal. Lasting injury is not normal. Many people have a deep fear of the dentist. For some, that fear is exaggerated or wholly unfounded. For those…

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The zombie doctor apocalypse?

Sleep-deprived physicians making medical decisions. What could go wrong? The governing body that oversees medical residencies (doctors-in-training) has proposed radical rule changes that would allow first-year residents to work as…

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