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When off-campus rental housing proves to be a death trap: Part II – Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a recently filed wrongful death lawsuit. A young woman from Brooklyn left New York to attend Boston University. In April 2013, she…

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When off-campus rental housing proves to be a death trap: Part I

Most New Yorkers who own a business have probably been frustrated at one time or another by local building, fire and safety codes. Certainly, keeping a building up to code…

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Times Square Tour Bus Crash Injures Numerous Pedestrians

Two buses collided in Times Square injuring fourteen people on the afternoon of Tuesday August 5, 2014. The resulting collision also sent a light pole crashing to the ground. According…

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ESPN anchor sues New York ice arena over injurious accident

Certain sports such as football and hockey are associated with violence and injury, but these injuries typically occur during the actual games. Few people expect to get hurt at the…

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In NYC, neglected tree maintenance raises city’s liability costs

It has been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, spending a little time/effort/money to prevent a problem is much cheaper than…

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Plaintiffs awarded $500k in lawsuit alleging landlord negligence

What duties do landlords have to their tenants? This is a question that seems to come up all the time in New York City, which boasts more apartments for rent…

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Holding event promoters liable for concert injuries and deaths

Summer is concert season here in New York and around the country. To be sure, live music is available at all times of year, but summer is generally associated with…

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Examining the GM recall Scandal Part II: What the NHTSA knew

In our last post, we began a discussion about an investigation into the General Motors ignition-switch recall scandal. In recent months, both GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration…

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Examining the GM recall Scandal Part I: What GM knew

It has been approximately six months since news about the General Motors recall began making national headlines. In February, GM finally issued a recall of vehicles with faulty ignition switches.…

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