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Car accident victim waits 5 years for settlement with police

From the time that we are children, most of us are taught that law enforcement officers are trustworthy. This respect and admiration comes with the uniform. Unfortunately, some police officers…

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Fraternities face lawsuits when hazing goes too far

The antics associated with Greek life have been immortalized in countless comedy movies about the college experience, including the infamous “Animal House.” Although this is not the case with every…

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Wal-Mart sued in wake of Tracy Morgan truck accident

It has been about six weeks since the truck accident that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan. For most of that time, the New York native has been in a rehabilitation…

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Independence Day weekend: Staying safe while having fun

Today and through the weekend, America celebrates Independence Day. Chances are that you will be celebrating the holiday with food, loved ones and some sort of fireworks celebration. Hopefully, this…

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Food truck explosion raises questions of negligence & liability

In densely populated cities like New York, space is considerably limited. This is, in part, why food trucks have become so popular. These mobile restaurants can set up shop for…

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