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Holding Caretakers Or Nursing Homes Accountable

It is an unfortunate reality that a number of the elder care facilities designed to protect and care for the older population in the state are actually guilty of abusive and negligent behaviors. It is not uncommon for the resident of a New York nursing home to be mistreated, talked down to or ignored by the same individuals who are meant to be providing them with care.

These are acts that deserve to be addressed legally. Upon reporting an instance of nursing home abuse, you should next align yourself with a New York personal injury lawyer from our office. In doing so, you will be taking the best steps toward ensuring that such abuses and acts of negligence do not continue.

Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

The types of abuse are various, and any one of them may constitute a lawsuit. Although many actions or lack of actions can constitute elder abuse, the types are split into three major categories: physical, emotional and financial abuse. Physical abuse is the most common form to notice, since the evidence will typically be apparent on their bodies. Any form of slapping, shoving or even sexual abuse will fall under this category.

Emotional abuse is typically more difficult to notice since the “scarring” is not physical. Abuse of this nature can take on the form of ridicule, mocking or even a lack of conversing. This has the potential to psychologically damage an elderly person. Thirdly, financial abuse is a way to take advantage of the elderly in their dependent state. In many instances, certain family members will attempt to gain power of attorney to get larger portions of an inheritance.

Watch For Signs Of Abuse

If your elderly loved one is in a nursing home and you do not see them frequently, it may be difficult to notice the signs of abuse. When you are around them, however, make sure to keep a close eye out for the following signs. They could indicate that your loved one is being abused:

It is unfortunate when the very people responsible for taking care of the elderly are actually the ones doing the most harm. If you notice that a caretaker is speaking harshly with the elderly, then it may be a sign that there is additional abuse going on behind the scenes. During visiting hours, it may be more difficult to notice signs of maltreatment because staff will be on their best behavior. Because the elderly are in a position of weakness, they may feel too intimidated to speak out against what is going on.

Fight Back Against Elder Abuse

We are here to help you and your elderly loved one take legal action against the harmful acts that wrongfully led to injury and illness among one or more patients of an elder care facility. We have been doing precisely this for many years, fully preparing us to handle any and all types of cases that may arise in relation to harmful acts of this nature. At all times, it is our goal to ensure that elderly victims of physical, emotional, verbal, sexual abuse or financial abuses are soundly represented under the care of a legal professional who can more appropriately address their needs than the facility staff who were meant to be doing as much.

In order for your elderly loved one to receive the care they deserve, everyone needs to do their part. First of all, you must be on the lookout for the signs of abuse that were listed previously. If you have reasonable cause for concern, you should file a complaint with the caretaker’s employer or the nursing home. Many times, abuse will stop at this point because the problem was just with one or two employees.

In other instances, the problem is with the entire nursing home or organization as a whole. In these cases, a complaint will do little to improve the situation. An individual can contact the Department of Health or Adult Protective Services in order to start the claims process. Our firm can help you through this process so that the best investigations will be conducted and a solution found.

Let Us Be Your Advocates

At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we are passionate about holding institutions such as this liable for the abusive conduct of their employees. When you contact a personal injury professional from our firm today, we will gladly review your case for free. Call 212-571-7171 or email us today.

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