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Tragic trends involving senior drivers

A tragic car accident on a late October afternoon took the lives of two people in Geneseo. According to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, a car pulled into the path…

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Split-second driving decisions that kill

One of the first things we learn in driver’s ed is the importance of focus. Our instructors tell us to pay attention to the road and be aware of our…

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Sidewalk collapse drops man into rat’s nest

Not only do New York City pedestrians need to worry about being hit by cars, trucks and bicycles, they can also be seriously injured by something quite unexpected. An October…

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A high-profile non-profit’s history of bad behavior

United Way Worldwide continues to rid themselves of an image tarnished by sexual harassment allegations while investigations continue against Brian Gallagher, its chief executive. The head of the famed 133-year-old…

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Claims of sexual harassment against United Way CEO

United Way Worldwide was recently named America’s Favorite Charity by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. On the home page of their website, the organization touts their promise to “advance the common…

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