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Fatal accident may leave New York family with hardships

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can is challenging under any circumstances. Ensuring that funeral arrangements and other affairs are in order can be stressful, time consuming and…

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Yes, you can fight against police brutality

If you live and work in New York City, you know that police interactions can go sideways. Many citizens — especially people of color — have good reason to be…

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Failing to maintain safe conditions may cause New York injuries

Most individuals spend a good deal of their time on property owned by other people. Though most ventures out of one’s own home take place without any unexpected occurrences, some…

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Are you the first line of support after a catastrophic injury?

If a loved one was involved in a bad accident, they may be dealing with serious injuries, which means you are dealing with them too. A spinal cord injury or…

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Grounds exist for civil claims after fatal New York accident

A serious crash in New York recently claimed the life of one individual and left others in critical condition. Reports stated that at least four individuals were involved in the…

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What is a structured injury settlement?

Sometimes it’s wiser to receive the money over time. You often hear of a structured settlement when someone is awarded a large sum of money in a lawsuit. Have you…

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A mild traumatic brain injury is still a serious injury

Any blow to the head — whether from a car accident, a fall or some other type of injury — can cause serious and lasting damage. A person should get…

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Special consideration for construction accidents in New York City

4 Things You May Not Have Known About Construction Injuries Construction workers in New York City face some tough working conditions. Work spaces can be tight or crowded or grandfathered…

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