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What You need to do as Executor/Survivor of an Estate

At some point, a loved one asked you to be the Executor/Executrix of their Estate. You accepted – it’s an honor. But you will soon find out that it’s a…

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New York’s Wrongful Death Law has been hurting families for years – it may be about to change

I’ve been a practicing lawyer for almost 30 years in New York in the field of personal injury and medical malpractice. Most of the laws that govern my field are…

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Split-second driving decisions that kill

One of the first things we learn in driver’s ed is the importance of focus. Our instructors tell us to pay attention to the road and be aware of our…

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Not Everything Slowed Down during the Pandemic

Empty New York City streets and roads became an all-too-common sight over the past several months. Many saw it as a break from the usual by pausing reckless and careless…

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A Life Lost by a Life-Saving Vehicle

Eight minutes. In that short amount of time, a call came into NYC emergency responders at 12:43 a.m. They were notified that a 59-year-old Jamil Almansouri, the owner of Mike’s…

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Damages for emotional losses in wrongful death lawsuits

The emotional weight of a wrongful death is immense. There’s the cold shock of reality, the numbness of depression and the constant worry about the future. No matter what role…

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A wrongful death suit is not about putting a price on a life

Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s even harder when a loved one dies in an accident caused by another party’s reckless and negligent actions. When this happens, surviving…

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Filing a Wrongful Death Action

It is devastating to lose a loved one. It can be particularly traumatizing when their death was caused by the wrongful conduct of another. Recently, there has been much news…

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