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Intersection crashes caused by drivers who run red lights

It seems as though auto manufacturers and safety regulators have been able to address many of the most common and deadly hazards on U.S. roads. Sadly, the basic hazards involving…

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NYC bicyclists sometimes seen as aggressors in accidents

To say that New York City is crowded is an understatement. The population density of New York coupled with various modes of transportation has created a kind of turf war…

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Hurt in your apartment building? How to prove landlord liability

There are a number of drawbacks to renting an apartment (as opposed to owning a home). From a safety perspective, you have less control over the common areas of the…

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Truck driver inexperience may have been to blame for fatal crash

Truck accidents often have a number of contributing or exacerbating factors, and most or all of these are preventable. This is one reason why the high number of truck accidents…

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed against church with falling stone

New York has some of the most eye-catching skyscrapers in the world, along with other architecture that really captures the city’s history. And while many of these buildings tend to…

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New York City Fire Injures Nine

On Thursday August 12, 2014, a fire engulfed an East Harlem residence in the early morning. According to FDNY officials, the flames erupted on the fourth floor of the building…

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Hurt at a concert? You may have grounds to pursue compensation

Property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe. When these owners fail to keep their property safe — and others are injured — the property owner…

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