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Escalator safety tips for parents for the holiday shopping season

While Black Friday weekend may now be in the rearview mirror, many families in New York still have plenty of holiday shopping to do. So, many parents may be heading…

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Some toy manufacturers ended up on the naughty list

Christmas presents shouldn’t come with a safety warning. Especially when the toys are meant for young children who can’t read or foresee the dangers. A consumer safety organization has released…

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Study confirms right-turning drivers don’t check for bicyclists

Intersections are dangerous for pedestrians and bicycle riders. Bicyclists are especially at risk when cars make right turns. A recent study by the University of Toronto used eye-tracking technology to…

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NYC’s 12 most dangerous neighborhoods for pedestrians

New York City pedestrians are three times as likely to be injured in some neighborhoods than others, according to a recent study. looked at data from every intersection in…

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EEOC announces progress on sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement appears to be having a real impact in the workplace and in the justice system. The EEOC reports a significant uptick in reports of sexual harassment over…

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