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New York bikers and dooring: Are there legal remedies? | Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP

Hazards abound when biking in a big city. Between dodging vehicles and potholes, it is easy to miss a driver or passenger within a vehicle opening their door into your…

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As more New Yorkers ride bicycles, safety concerns arise

The Covid-19 virus has affected New Yorkers in so many ways. Not surprisingly, after Mayor Bill de Blasio’s suggestion that New Yorkers bike to work, it may even have contributed…

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Cyclist tips to help avoid collisions

The traffic is heavy, but that road is on your favorite route. It’s getting near dusk and your bike light doesn’t work, but you feel you’ll finish your ride before…

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Staying safe as a cyclist along your commute

As the weather across New York begins to warm up and summer approaches, cyclists may resume their routines of biking to work. Biking to work can make your commute more…

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The Conveyance Conflict: Motor Vehicles Vs. Bicycles

The outcome of a collision between two vehicles is difficult to predict. However, in crashes that involve a motor vehicle of any size and a bicycle of average size, the…

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The safety issues surrounding Lyft’s electric bikes

The stereotype of New York City traffic usually focuses on congestion. Cars not moving, but with horns blaring the frustration of weary commuters just trying to get home. Alternative and…

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5 tips to prevent biking fatalities in New York

Residents in New York are encouraged to use biking as a means of transportation. However, dozens of these bicyclists die in motor vehicle accidents each year. Last year, the city…

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Study confirms right-turning drivers don’t check for bicyclists

Intersections are dangerous for pedestrians and bicycle riders. Bicyclists are especially at risk when cars make right turns. A recent study by the University of Toronto used eye-tracking technology to…

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Seriousness of car-bicycle crash injury not always clear

Collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles are not rare in New York City. The numbers of cyclists on the streets of the city’s boroughs seems to be on an ever-steady…

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Do I have a case if I’m injured by a scooter rider?

“It’s like the plague. It’s spreading so fast.” That’s the assessment of one personal injury attorney concerning the increasing number of electric scooters on the streets of some major cities…

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