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Sidewalk Vaults – A Part of New York’s History and Potentially Very Dangerous

Most New Yorkers pound the sidewalks every day and their only worry is foot traffic. But what lurks below the sidewalks could, in some cases, be a bigger concern. I’m…

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If You Rent Your Home Or Apartment, Please Get Renter’s Insurance – Someday You’ll Thank Me

Protect Yourself from Others Table of Contents Protect Yourself from Others Protect Others from You . . . and Still Protect Yourself As a lawyer who handles personal injury lawsuits,…

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Another Elevator Death in New York Has Us Asking “Are Elevators Safe?” – The Answer is Complicated

During the last few months, the news has covered several elevator deaths in the New York area, culminating with the latest tragedy on March 5, 2021, when a man somehow…

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Jason Bourne and the biomechanics of auto injuries

I was watching one of the Jason Bourne films with my kids the other day. There is a scene where Bourne’s car is pushed off a bridge and falls 100…

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District Attorneys Must Enforce the Right of Way Law

In 2014, the New York City “Right of Way Law” was enacted, creating Section 19-190 of the New York City Administrative Code, making it a traffic infraction for a driver…

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