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Legal Malpractice and Chat GPT

It was only a matter of time before it happened. The news got very excited when Chat GPT-4 passed the bar exam, offering a series of breathless reports on the…

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Can I hold a bad lawyer accountable for their actions?

When you have a legal issue that requires a lawyer, you expect him or her to provide a high quality of service focused on protecting your interests. However, some lawyers…

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Did Your Lawyer Commit Legal Malpractice? Don’t Make it Worse!

In late spring, a prospective client reached out to me with a legal malpractice case. He was hit by a Transit bus and had four surgeries. His lawyer, who specialized…

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Did You Hire A Bad Lawyer? Here’s What To Do About It.

I’ve been a lawyer for close to 30 years, mostly in the field of personal injury. I was on the ethics committee in law school, I painstakingly try to play…

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