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Common Winter Hazards to Avoid on NYC Construction Sites

Winter is around the corner, which means construction sites will get even more dangerous for employees and visitors. While we’re here for you if you get into an accident on…

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The Rescue Doctrine in New York Personal Injury Cases

You see a co-worker trapped under rubble. Immediately, you spring into action, working to free them. In the process, you get injured yourself. Now, both you and your co-worker have…

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What to Do If You’re Injured in a Construction Accident in NYC

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places you could possibly work. Of course, if you’re in the construction industry, you already know that. Yet we usually go through…

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When Does It Make Sense to Pursue a Construction Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Most of the people who get injured on construction sites will address medical bills and lost wages through workers’ comp. They might even suffer minor injuries, such as accidentally cutting…

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What to Do After a Crane Accident in NYC

Here in New York City, cranes are a part of the landscape. Most of the time, contractors run the crane and finish their work without injuring anyone. Yet cranes can…

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How Do Scaffolding Injuries Happen?

Scaffolding injuries are ubiquitous in New York City. They’re notoriously dangerous to workers and non-worker pedestrians alike. At any given time, there are usually around 13,000 active scaffolding permits active…

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Audit Finds NYC Department of Buildings is Failing to Protect Construction Workers on Building Sites

Recently, a New York City construction worker fell from a 15th floor scaffold to the sidewalk below, and died. It is not clear whether he was wearing any form of…

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1 construction worker dead, 3 injured in latest scaffold incident

One construction worker will never return home to his family. Three others face a difficult recovery. These are the consequences of the latest scaffold collapse in New York City. It…

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Construction: Falls remain the top cause of death

Newly released figures show falls continue to be the deadliest potential hazard for New York City construction workers. According to the 2020 “Deadly Skyline” report, 64% of all construction fatalities…

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How common are electrocution injuries in construction?

Construction is hard and rewarding work. You can see the difference your efforts make on a project come together before your eyes. It’s easy to see the difference that you…

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