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The Inherent Danger of Common Household Products

Traumatic brain injuries can have effects that last a lifetime. Teenagers who suffer sudden jolts, bumps, or blows that result in TBI may face a much longer road in overcoming…

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The Dangerous and Deadly Consequences of Medical Misdiagnoses

The trust placed in medical professionals is trust violated upon the discovery that malpractice occurred. Oversights and the overall lack of quality care not only violate the bond between doctor…

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The back seat could be more dangerous in car accidents

When you have to get around New York City, you may have to rely on rides from a carpool or from friends and family, or from a taxicab or Uber…

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How is “Vision Zero” working to protect you?

New York City is always bustling. As a pedestrian in our city, you understand the challenges that come with navigating the streets safely. We may pride ourselves on how well…

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Juries can sympathize with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The rare condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is definitely on the minds of its patients. Contributing to destructive challenges from intense pain to depression, the syndrome can become…

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