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Pedestrian injured by runaway construction equipment in Manhattan

The phrase “only in New York” is used quite often by those who live here, usually in response to a completely unexpected event. This city is alive and active in…

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Two school buses collide on Long Island with student on board

Earlier this month, we wrote about a fatal pedestrian accident that occurred on New York City’s Upper East Side. A pedestrian was struck and killed by a school bus with…

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NYC Council proposing bill to combat landlord negligence

New Yorkers could probably find many examples to perfectly show the meaning of the term “slum lord.” Most of us have had at least one terrible housing rental experience, usually…

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Do you know if the vehicle you’re driving has been recalled?

The General Motors recall scandal has angered many Americans, and rightly so. An automobile is one of the most expensive possessions that most of us own, and often the most…

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Latest accident brings NYC pedestrian death toll above 40 in 2014

Our last post focused on a fatal slip-and-fall accident on a New York sidewalk that took the life of a British philanthropist and in-law to a member of the British…

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British philanthropist dies in NYC slip-and-fall accident

The streets and sidewalks of New York City can be downright dangerous. Whether coated with ice and snow in the winter or cracked and broken after the spring thaw, the…

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Distracted driver’s final moments of life were spent on Facebook

Life is both short and fragile. These are two truths that everyone knows, but we rarely stop to appreciate what they mean. It often takes a story of tragedy to…

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