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Why are so many rent-controlled buildings and units falling into disrepair?

Residents of New York City are all too familiar with the rising costs of living in the city. Among the most expensive of all living costs are those related to…

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Hit-and-run drivers in New York City to face increased fines

In a recent blog post, we discussed the significant number of hit-and-run traffic accidents that occur annually in New York City. We also discussed how the vast majority of these…

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What is Article 16 in a Personal Injury Action?

In many instances, there are multiple parties involved in personal injury actions. For example, motor vehicle accidents commonly involve multiple wrongdoers/defendants (also known as tortfeasors). In 1966, a provision called…

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Revisiting the 2010 Brooklyn apartment building fire that killed 5, injured 1

In New York City, space is in high demand and landlords readily exploit every opportunity to attract more tenants and increase rent prices. Some landlords have even gone so far…

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What are the Steps to Commencing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in New York?

Litigation can be quite complex and confusing. Navigating through all the paperwork and procedures on the road to get into court alone can seem quite daunting for someone who is…

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For holiday shoppers, escalators and elevators pose many dangers

For many New York City retailers, the holiday season is the busiest time. As we discussed in a recent blog post, individuals who choose to journey out shopping on notoriously…

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How to Keep Your Child Safe from Toy Related Injuries

When people think of purchasing toys during the holidays for the children in their lives, they might not think to consider that the toy they are about to purchase could…

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Hit-and-run accident victims need a legal advocate

Even being involved in a minor fender-bender can disrupt an individual’s life and result in expensive vehicle repair costs. In cases where an individual suffers serious injuries in a car…

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New York Times Expose Reveals the Number of Construction Site Accidents to the Rate of Building is Disproportionate and “Completely Avoidable”

A recent New York Times article culminated two years of investigations into construction site accidents calling many of them “completely avoidable.” Where the rate of building increased throughout the city…

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For deal-seeking shoppers, Black Friday can be downright dangerous

Last week, with turkey and pumpkin pie still heavy in their bellies, millions of shoppers across the country headed to malls and retail stores hoping to take advantage of the…

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