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Were you injured at a bar or concert?

Every day of the week, New York City residents are fortunate to have a plethora of dining and entertainment options at their doorsteps. In addition to the numerous bars and…

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Summer Camp Injuries: Can You Sue?

Many parents send their children to camp during the summer months to afford them an opportunity to socialize and spend their time productively. Most camps have outdoor programs that the…

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The READ Act Aims to Reduce Asbestos Exposure

1.3 million workers are exposed to asbestos daily as a result of being subjected to exposure in buildings where they work. As a result, two senators have proposed the READ…

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How safe are New York’s high rise buildings?

While just 305 square miles, according to the U.S. Census Department, New York City is home to nearly 8.5 million people. Given the geography of the city, rather than build…

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Amtrak Derailment Kills 8, Leaves Many More Injured

A recent derailment of an Amtrak train headed to New York City from Washington tragically left eight people dead and some 200 more with injuries. The event took place near…

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Trek Issues Safety Recall for Bicycles

Many people enjoy spending time outdoors in the spring and summer months bicycling. Recently, the bicycle company Trek recalled certain models of their bicycles due to a malfunction of a…

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Woman Sues Tattoo Shop for Infection

Tattoos are growing in popularity. 1 in 5 adults in the United States has at least one tattoo. Many are drawn to the idea of having meaningful artwork or words…

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The Liability Questions of Self Driving Cars

In the modern age, many new questions about liability arise as new innovations are introduced into society. For example, while publicity is spreading about Google’s self driving cars, it leaves…

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Owning a property should be about safety rather than money

Most people who have become landlords did so because they wanted a job they could be successful at. With apartments abound here in New York City, becoming a landlord is…

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More regulation of app-based ridesharing services is needed

There’s no question that New Yorkers now have more ways than ever before to get around the city. The latest additions to NYC’s transportation options are app-based ridesharing services like…

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