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Why Pedestrians Need Personal Injury Lawyers

When a 3,000-pound car collides with a human being, it may seem like common sense that the human being should win the resulting injury case. After all, doesn’t the driver…

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The Pizza Delivery Guy Just Hit Me With His Bicycle – What Are My Rights?

Pizza Guy v. Pedestrian Table of Contents Pizza Guy v. Pedestrian Possible Changes in the Law What You Should do When Hit by a Delivery Person For years, as we…

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District Attorneys Must Enforce the Right of Way Law

In 2014, the New York City “Right of Way Law” was enacted, creating Section 19-190 of the New York City Administrative Code, making it a traffic infraction for a driver…

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Sidewalk collapse drops man into rat’s nest

Not only do New York City pedestrians need to worry about being hit by cars, trucks and bicycles, they can also be seriously injured by something quite unexpected. An October…

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NY pedestrian struck and killed in tragic accident

Walking is a popular, efficient and economical way to get around New York City and many communities throughout the state. With proper precautions, it is also a safe way to…

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How is “Vision Zero” working to protect you?

New York City is always bustling. As a pedestrian in our city, you understand the challenges that come with navigating the streets safely. We may pride ourselves on how well…

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NYC’s 12 most dangerous neighborhoods for pedestrians

New York City pedestrians are three times as likely to be injured in some neighborhoods than others, according to a recent study. looked at data from every intersection in…

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New York Wrongful Death Lawsuit Ongoing

In the ongoing case of a teacher killed after a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer drove into him, the NYPD is refusing to release records pertaining to the incident.…

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Rapid Flash Beacons Going Global

Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) were first developed in the United States, but now are spreading to places such as Abu Dhabi. RRFB are placed at pedestrian crosswalks and emit…

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Proposed Right of Way Law Exemption for Bus Drivers

There has been much buzz about Mayor De Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to improve road safety in the city. The Right of Way law was enacted as part of the…

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