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Signs your loved one is suffering nursing home abuse

Caring for aging family members is difficult. Many times, people are caring for their growing children at the same time that they are caring for their parents in their old…

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New York bus driver has right to seek compensation after accident

Vehicles collide on the roads at an alarmingly high rate, and a considerable number of those crashes are severe. After such an accident, the steps those involved choose to take…

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When is it dental malpractice? What is the legal remedy?

A little pain is normal. Lasting injury is not normal. Many people have a deep fear of the dentist. For some, that fear is exaggerated or wholly unfounded. For those…

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When you stand up to police misconduct, you fight for all of us

Law enforcement personnel have some of the most difficult jobs in the country. Their sacrifice is not to be taken for granted or minimized. Unfortunately, many people still experience police…

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3 significant ways life changes for teens with a TBI

A traumatic brain injury disrupts learning, development and career plans Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating and unpredictable. In a split second, life shifts, and it may never be the…

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Bicyclist killed in New York accident with delivery truck

It is not unusual for individuals to bike to their desired destinations. Bicycles can be a useful mode of transportation, especially in areas with high traffic congestion. Many times, though,…

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The zombie doctor apocalypse?

Sleep-deprived physicians making medical decisions. What could go wrong? The governing body that oversees medical residencies (doctors-in-training) has proposed radical rule changes that would allow first-year residents to work as…

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