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Weekends Are Dangerous at NYC Nursing Homes

According to the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, 61% of all nursing homes have staffing shortages all seven days of the week. Yet, on weekends, staffing shortages…

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How Negligence Can Lead to Nursing Home Falls

A nursing home fall can be extremely serious for your elderly loved one. In fact, the CDC notes that falls are the leading cause of death for adults aged 65…

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Is Your New York Nursing Home Using Chemical Restraints?

The use of chemical restraints as a form of nursing home abuse is so pervasive and so dangerous that Human Rights Watch has begun sitting up and taking notice. As…

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The consequences of isolation in nursing homes

One of the first mandates following the initial days and weeks of the coronavirus pandemic was protecting the elderly, particularly those who reside in nursing homes. Family visits, a time-honored…

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Understaffed nursing homes lead to serious injuries, even deaths

One of the biggest problems in nursing homes across the country is that many do not have enough people on staff. Unfortunately, this is not a new issue. Understaffing has…

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Catastrophic Coronavirus Consequences in New York Nursing Homes

Countless Facilities Failed Their Residents Since the beginning of March, state health officials have performed close to 1,900 inspections at 613 nursing homes and 540 state facilities. A review of…

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Is your loved one’s nursing home dangerously understaffed?

Many nursing homes inflated their reporting It wasn’t your imagination that your loved one’s nursing home seemed short-staffed. Especially if you visited on a weekend. New federal data shows that…

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Watch for these six signs of nursing home neglect

Deciding to put your loved one into a nursing home is often a tough decision to make. You may feel guilty that you cannot care for him or her at…

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Choose a nursing home very carefully and remain vigilant

At some point it’s no longer a question of if you should move your loved one into a nursing home. When the time comes, the question becomes where. Choosing a…

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Nursing home abuse and neglect can’t be ignored

Having a loved one who is in a nursing home means that your loved one is trusting that the staff members will do what they need to help with every…

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