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New NY law: protections against workplace sexual harassment

If you have ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you understand how difficult reporting it can be. You have limited time to report the harassment and prove that it…

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The Potential Dangers Behind Ride-Hailing

Multiple moving parts in an automobile means that something could go wrong at any time. When a recall is issued, owners receive notification as to the steps they must take…

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Four vital steps to follow for personal injury victims

Personal injuries are common and lead to many personal injury claims, subsequent settlements and legal disputes. Personal injuries are the byproduct of numerous reasons like carelessness, poor planning, negligence, distraction,…

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Conference Attendees Suddenly Stricken with a Deadly Illness

When thinking about premises liability claims, the natural assumption is that a defect on residential or commercial property resulted in serious injury. Not all cases involve broken bones or head…

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The Growing Dangers of Scooter Accidents

Dr. Robert Glatter works in the emergency room of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. He has treated countless patients involved in motor vehicle crashes. Yet, there is one…

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