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Electric scooter safety in question

Electric rental scooters are seemingly everywhere. New York prides itself on offering a variety of transportation options. Bird, Lime and other electric scooters are a viable mode of transportation in…

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The Conveyance Conflict: Motor Vehicles Vs. Bicycles

The outcome of a collision between two vehicles is difficult to predict. However, in crashes that involve a motor vehicle of any size and a bicycle of average size, the…

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The safety issues surrounding Lyft’s electric bikes

The stereotype of New York City traffic usually focuses on congestion. Cars not moving, but with horns blaring the frustration of weary commuters just trying to get home. Alternative and…

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Have ride-share companies led to an increase in traffic deaths?

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft play an increasingly popular role in how New Yorkers get around. However, the rapid rise of ride-share services has not been without controversy. A…

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Lives end due to a live stream

Reality shows have been around since the early days of television. From Candid Camera to Big Brother, the popularity of the genre has revealed the voyeuristic tendencies of television viewers.…

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