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The dangerous cycle of physical and mental injuries

An accident often leaves people with injuries like broken bones or whiplash. These physical damages that we can see and feel are often difficult to deal with and recover from.…

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Things to consider when choosing a rehabilitation center

Hearing that a loved one has been in an accident is difficult. Learning that the person is paralyzed or has other limitations because of a spinal cord injury turns a…

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Tips to help you avoid harm while hospitalized

Most of us have faith in the medical professionals who are caring for us. Even if you don’t fully trust them, it’s not feasible to look over the shoulder of…

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Living with a spinal cord injury has many challenges

A car crash that results in spinal cord trauma is a worst case scenario. Unlike bruises and lacerations, or even broken bones, a spinal cord injury is usually permanent. Neither…

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Are you the first line of support after a catastrophic injury?

If a loved one was involved in a bad accident, they may be dealing with serious injuries, which means you are dealing with them too. A spinal cord injury or…

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Is your broken bone causing secondary symptoms like RSD?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome endures long after the bone has healed A broken bone is traumatic and painful, but it should be a short-term injury. A bone fracture typically requires…

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