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How Does a Police Excessive Force Lawsuit Work in New York?

When police officers use excessive force against you, they’re not only injuring you, they are violating your Fourth Amendment rights. While it’s not always easy to hold the police accountable…

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What can you do if the police use excessive force?

Recent events have brought awareness of police brutality to national attention. While the police can use force in a few specific cases, there are strict rules that they should follow,…

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Yes, you can fight against police brutality

If you live and work in New York City, you know that police interactions can go sideways. Many citizens — especially people of color — have good reason to be…

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When you stand up to police misconduct, you fight for all of us

Law enforcement personnel have some of the most difficult jobs in the country. Their sacrifice is not to be taken for granted or minimized. Unfortunately, many people still experience police…

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Supreme Court Holds Objective Standard Should Be Applied to Determine Whether Force Used by Police Was Excessive

The media has been abuzz lately regarding the topic of police use of excessive force against citizens. A recent ruling of the Supreme Court held that excessive force claims exerted…

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