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Your car’s infotainment system: delightful, diverting, dangerous?

Your car’s infotainment system delivers much more than directions. The latest versions enable you to send and receive messages, make calls, receive calls and play your favorite tunes all at…

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Falling deaths are almost always preventable

Falls are still the leading cause of death in the construction industry. And they are preventable. OSHA is partnering with safety organizations to educate employers and construction workers about fall…

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Do I have a case if I’m injured by a scooter rider?

“It’s like the plague. It’s spreading so fast.” That’s the assessment of one personal injury attorney concerning the increasing number of electric scooters on the streets of some major cities…

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How far does mass transit have to go to provide security?

Most of us have been through the complex airport security measures put in place nationwide following 9/11. We all understand the need for the heightened security and, with some grumbling,…

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Watch for these six signs of nursing home neglect

Deciding to put your loved one into a nursing home is often a tough decision to make. You may feel guilty that you cannot care for him or her at…

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