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Is New York City turning a blind eye to lead poisoning?

When you think of lead poisoning, you might think about the recent news from Flint, Michigan. The city was in the news for months after its citizens learned their water…

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The Difference a Day Can Make

On September 11, tenant Lareese Williams asked the owners of the East New York apartment building to install railings in the apartment where his family resided. It was not the…

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How to deal with car accidents involving family and friends

A car accident may leave you with injuries and automobile damage that requires compensation. This money comes from the at-fault driver’s car insurance. This isn’t a big deal when the…

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Are out-of-possession landlords liable for slippery sidewalks?

Winter is coming, and New Yorkers can expect weather ranging from freezing rain to sleet and snow. It’s a season for warm scarves and jackets. And for the city’s landlords,…

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What qualifies as sexual harassment may surprise you

Sexual harassment is sadly too prevalent in American workplaces. However, many individuals tolerate harassment because they’re not sure what crosses the line between inappropriate and illegal. The truth: If you’re…

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Why are female drivers still at a higher risk of injury?

Since the early 1980s, researchers have found that women have a higher chance of getting injured in a car accident. Yet not much seems to have changed since then. A…

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Is the back seat safest in a car crash?

There’s nothing great about being involved in a collision. Seeing the oncoming vehicle coming into the vehicle you’re riding in is terrifying, and avoiding the crash entirely would be preferential.…

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