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NYC targets taxi speeds as part of ‘Vision Zero’ initiative

New Yorkers understand that time is precious. As a result, NYC streets tend to be crowded, both night and day, with travelers quickly moving from one place to another. Instead…

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Premises liability suit allowed to proceed against NY school

What responsibility, if any, does a school or city have for the prevention of suicide by a certain means? This question may seem morbid, but the answer will be important…

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While driving, hands-free devices are no less distracting

One look around the streets of New York City is all it takes to realize that distracted drivers are an accident waiting to happen. Whether they’re texting, talking on a…

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‘Off-hours’ attack lets school off the liability hook

The weekends have their perks. Kids and adults might get to sleep in a little longer. They get a break from the responsibilities of school and work and more leisure…

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Legal action continues following New York gas explosion

In past posts we have discussed the tragic incident that occurred in East Harlem last month. At least one negligence lawsuit in New York was filed last month, and other…

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Fall at New York Mets game is sad beginning of baseball season

The baseball season is just beginning. This time of year brings joy to many New Yorkers’ hearts and other fans of the American pastime all around the world. At least…

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