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What Happens When Stores Sell Recalled Products in New York?

If a recalled product injures you or your child, then you will generally have the ability to launch a personal injury lawsuit compensating you for your injuries, expenses, lost wages,…

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How to Handle Dangerous Toy Injuries

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hospital emergency rooms in the United States saw 198,000 toy-related injuries in 2020. Some accidents are just accidents. Others happen when a manufacturer…

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How Would the New York Climate Negligence Bill Work?

NY Senate Bill S9612 creates climate negligence for dangers to safety and health caused by fossil fuel activity. The bill’s sponsors say they wish to hold fossil fuel companies accountable…

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PFAS Injury Lawsuits in New York

This year, New York banned the sale of clothing containing PFAS chemicals (per-and-poly fluoroalkyl substances). The bill goes into effect on December 31, 2023. Multiple class action PFAS lawsuits are…

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When Content Goes Wrong: Can a Wrongful Death Suit Against a Social Media Company Ever Be Successful?

Dozens of bizarre and often dangerous challenges are posted on social media every year. If one of those challenges hurts a loved one, can you bring a wrongful death suit?…

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What to Do If a Product Makes You Sick

Earlier this year, a woman sued cosmetics company L’Oréal with claims that its chemical hair straightening products put women at an increased risk of uterine cancer. Her lawyers drew a…

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Is a manufacturer liable if someone else makes their product unsafe?

Recently a worker at a Queens grocery store was injured when his arm got caught in a meat grinder. According to news reports, the FDNY had to disassemble the machine…

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The Inherent Danger of Common Household Products

Traumatic brain injuries can have effects that last a lifetime. Teenagers who suffer sudden jolts, bumps, or blows that result in TBI may face a much longer road in overcoming…

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Some toy manufacturers ended up on the naughty list

Christmas presents shouldn’t come with a safety warning. Especially when the toys are meant for young children who can’t read or foresee the dangers. A consumer safety organization has released…

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Defective Medical Devices In The Limelight

Netflix is now showing a new documentary which might qualify for some as a horror film. The movie, entitled The Bleeding Edge, takes a closer look at the medical device…

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