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Hit-and-run accident leads to death in New York

Many people know that staying on the scene of a car crash is important. However, some drivers may choose to flee the scene of an accident and leave many individuals…

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Scaffold safety is vital in New York’s construction industry

When used properly, scaffolds enable construction to work safely at considerable heights. Scaffolding accidents happen when they aren’t used properly or are not in safe working condition to start with.…

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Tips to help you avoid harm while hospitalized

Most of us have faith in the medical professionals who are caring for us. Even if you don’t fully trust them, it’s not feasible to look over the shoulder of…

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Woman suffers injuries after New York sidewalk collapse

Suffering injuries due to an issue with someone’s property can be a complicated situation. Individuals will certainly want to have their injuries attended to as soon as possible, but they…

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Living with a spinal cord injury has many challenges

A car crash that results in spinal cord trauma is a worst case scenario. Unlike bruises and lacerations, or even broken bones, a spinal cord injury is usually permanent. Neither…

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New York hit-and-run bicycle accident results in man’s death

Though biking can offer many health and economic benefits, it can also pose a number of hazards. Bicyclists are easily overlooked by drivers of larger vehicles, and in many cases,…

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