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Tips for Documenting Injuries During Your Personal Injury Case

Documenting your personal injury claim is the key to maximizing your case. The more evidence you can provide to back your claims, the stronger your case will become. Documentation starts…

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Why New York Truck Accident Cases Require Greater Experience

No personal injury case is “simple,” but truck accident cases are even more complex than most. Finding a firm with extensive, in-depth experience with truck accident cases is crucial when…

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The Impact of Social Media on Personal Injury Cases

Social media is an integral part of our lives during the digital age. While it’s invaluable for staying connected to family members and friends and for professional networking, it nevertheless…

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Understanding New York’s Dram Shop Law

Injured by a drunk driver? The driver may not be the only liable party. Under New York’s Dram Shop Laws, a liquor store or bar that sold alcohol to the…

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