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Will Future Technology Put Slip-And-Falls In The Past?

In movie lore, famous robots have battled everything from homicidal criminals to planet-destroying empires. Marty is a robot whose enemies may not be as dangerous as emperors and murderers. Yet,…

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Survivors of child sexual assault earn major victory

Legislation extends statute of limitations on sexual abuse After a long and bitter battle for legislation that would allow New York sex abuse victims to sue the Roman Catholic Church…

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Can I collect injury compensation if I was partly at fault?

A woman suffered a serious leg injury at a Disney resort. A Florida jury awarded her thousands of dollars in compensation — even though it determined she was primarily at…

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New laws helping protect NYC renters with Asthma

Over 25 million individuals in the United States suffer from Asthma, a common lung disease that causes a person to experience difficulties breathing. Unfortunately, for many people, the quality of…

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Mother’s fatal fall exposes the shame of the NYC subway

People around the world were heartbroken when a young mom died falling down the stairs of a Manhattan subway station. But New Yorkers with small children or disabilities were hardly…

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