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New York motorist allegedly speeding just before tragic accident

New York roads are busy, and not every motorist acts with caution behind the wheel. One driver was allegedly seen speeding recently, moments before a tragic accident occurred. Sadly, the…

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Teen cyclist killed in drunk driving accident

When the summer weather is temperate in New York, riding a bike around the city’s five boroughs is inarguably one of the best ways to explore the city. As many…

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Driver negligence may be grounds for legal action

Accidents happen for many reasons, and it is important for victims to know if they could be eligible for financial compensation for their pain and suffering. Negligence, drunk driving, distraction,…

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Recent 3-car accident kills 1, driver charged

No matter how careful a New York driver is, no one can control the choices of other drivers. Drivers may employ defensive driving techniques, but sometimes there is simply nothing…

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Bicycle accident claims 1 bicyclist’s life, injures 1 other

A driver struck two bicyclists, fatally injuring one, before slamming her vehicle into another car as well as a residence on a recent Wednesday afternoon in June. The accident occurred…

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When a slip and fall accident happens indoors

When an individual either slips, trips or falls on the property of another in New York, and the owner failed to take the appropriate precautions to prevent the accident from…

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