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Bike accident victim claims negligence caused New York incident

With more and more cities trying to adopt environmentally friendly ways, alternate transportation options are available to travelers. One alternate traveling option in New York is a bike sharing program…

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Caution, New Yorkers: Ice may fall on your heads

Most have at least hummed the tune to “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” at one point, but this extreme cold, wintry weather presents a more dangerous situation. It is…

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Confusion contributing to slippery New York sidewalks

Man cannot control the weather. We can do what is within reasonable means to respond to extreme weather conditions like excessive snow and ice, but there are limits to what…

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New York snow contributes to fatal accidents

There are a lot of downsides to the cold, messy and wet weather. Sure, it is generally unpleasant. It creates long commutes. Most importantly, it creates dangerous commutes and danger…

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Prevention of slip-and-falls among elderly is important

Many people are raised with the idea that they owe their elders respect. As a society, isn’t that true as well? Shouldn’t communities work to honor seniors and protect their…

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New York MTA liable for victim’s severe trip-and-fall injuries

One year, two years, three years can all feel like a long time. Imagine being a family whose loved one is forever changed by an accident waiting for almost six…

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Will de Blasio’s Vision Zero cut down NYC cabbies’ car accidents?

The New York Post recently reported a shocking fact: over the past five years in New York City, at least 21 taxi drivers had accidents that injured or killed pedestrians…

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