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Removing iconic phone booths creates tripping hazard for New Yorkers

New York City’s famous payphones were once a staple for TV shows and films – think “Superman.” Just over a decade ago, about 22,000 of them were scattered around the…

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Suburban House Parties and Clueless Parents

In full disclosure, I am a suburban parent with two high school students living in my house, so for this blog I will generally tend to be more knowledgeable than…

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Is The City of New York Responsible If I’m Injured By A Falling Tree?

If you paid attention in high school biology, then you learned that trees keep us alive. They take in carbon dioxide and through photosynthesis produce oxygen, that sustains life on…

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Sidewalk Vaults – A Part of New York’s History and Potentially Very Dangerous

Most New Yorkers pound the sidewalks every day and their only worry is foot traffic. But what lurks below the sidewalks could, in some cases, be a bigger concern. I’m…

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Is an apartment owner liable when NY man dies in fall off fire escape?

A 30-year-old New Yorker stepped out of his apartment to have a smoke on his fire escape early one morning. The prior evening had been rainy, and the surface was…

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Conference Attendees Suddenly Stricken with a Deadly Illness

When thinking about premises liability claims, the natural assumption is that a defect on residential or commercial property resulted in serious injury. Not all cases involve broken bones or head…

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Premises liability suit blames faulty wiring for child’s tragedy

Shoddy electrical wiring is being blamed for a horrific accident at a Maryland casino that left a child profoundly disabled. The family has filed a premises liability suit against MGM…

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Escalator safety tips for parents for the holiday shopping season

While Black Friday weekend may now be in the rearview mirror, many families in New York still have plenty of holiday shopping to do. So, many parents may be heading…

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Dance floor collapse at Clemson party raises legal questions

From time to time there are deadly fires or shootings at night clubs, but it’s not normal for the dance floor to collapse. So it was shocking when the entire…

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Property owners bear the onus for safety of others

New York City attracts people from all over the world. Some come to visit briefly. Others become permanent residents. One of the biggest challenges for any newcomer hoping to stay…

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