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NYC’s DOB named as defendant by man injured in February crane accident

People who live and work in New York City are accustomed to carrying on with their daily lives while surrounded by active construction sites. The majority of complaints about these…

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Newark Schools Knew of Elevated Lead Levels Since 2003

The news about higher levels of lead found in Newark schools’ water is still flowing. The Wall Street Journal reported that Newark’s water contamination is not a new issue, and…

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Do premises liability claims spike during spring break?

A property owner might be found liable, as a matter of law, for injuries suffered by an invitee in a number of circumstances. Generally speaking, a premises liability lawsuit requires…

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Man Dragged to His Death by Subway Car

On February 15, 2016 a man trying to board a subway train in New York City got jammed between the cab’s doors and was dragged along the platform for about…

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Pedestrian deaths surged 10 percent during 2015

A recent Governors Highway Safety report indicates that, throughout the country, our nation’s streets are becoming increasingly dangerous places for pedestrians. According to the report, last year the number of…

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Taxi Cab Drivers Need to Take More Breaks

According to the 2014 New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Taxicab fact book, there are 485,000 taxi cab trips per day, by over 50,000 drivers. Drivers can either…

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How safe is the water at your child’s school or day care?

In recent months, the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been the focus of much media attention and shined a spotlight on the dangers associated with exposure to the…

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Self-Driving Google Car Runs into Bus

Since 2014, Google self-driving vehicles have been involved in approximately twelve accidents, mostly when rear-ended. On February 14, a Google self-driving vehicle struck a city bus when it attempted to…

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Hotel to blame for negligent security in Erin Andrews case

Going to hotel, whether for business or vacation, is often painted as a relaxing experience. Marketing and ad campaigns for many hotels promise people a chance to unwind and even…

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Possible Listeria Containing Cheese Recalled

Personal injury can occur when products, including edible products, are unsafe. This can include food items which contain unnatural dangerous items, such as broken glass, or when improper preparation of…

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