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The consequences of isolation in nursing homes

One of the first mandates following the initial days and weeks of the coronavirus pandemic was protecting the elderly, particularly those who reside in nursing homes. Family visits, a time-honored…

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Questions surround an experienced bus driver following a near-fatal accident

Commuting via city buses is commonplace for many New Yorkers. In addition to enjoying the convenience and affordability of bus travel, they place a great deal of trust that the…

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Tragic statistics on traffic fatalities in New York City

Traditionally, economic challenges that lead to increased unemployment mean fewer drivers traveling to their respective workplaces. Reduced congestion is a welcome sight for those who remain employed or just want…

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The lack of consequences for a soft drink giant and their driver

Mild to severe motor vehicle accidents can result in significant verdicts and settlements. When the negligent driver works for a large, high-profile corporation, six figures or more are often on…

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