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Texting-while-driving crashes rarely result in criminal charges

We have been writing this week about the minimal punishments drivers often face for causing accidents while breaking traffic laws. Failure to yield has become a misdemeanor offense in New…

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Two bus accidents highlight NYC’s tougher failure-to-yield law

Last week, we wrote about one of the many initiatives outlined in Mayor de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” campaign. For too long, the status quo in New York City has been…

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App-based Taxi Services: Who is Liable if an Accident Occurs?

With the rise in use of app-based taxi services, such as Uber and Lyft, gaining popularity as an alternative to the traditional yellow cab, and providing millions of rides a…

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Truck side guards are newest addition to NYC’s Vision Zero plan

Mayor de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” initiative is an ambitious undertaking, but one that New York City seems ready for. We have already seen certain VZ provisions enacted, such as the…

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Legal Documents You Should Have if You Are Pursuing a Lawsuit

By Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP I have clients who come to me from different economic backgrounds and in a variety of physical states following an accident. Many clients ask…

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Family sues New York City for negligent response to house fire

Many of the amenities we usually take for granted are actually quite amazing. Utilities like water, heat and electricity make it possible to live as we do, yet we almost…

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Bicyclist Sues Citi Bike, Citing Inadequate Safety Policies

The popular ride-sharing company is under fire after a Connecticut man alleged that he flipped over the Citi Bike he was riding this fall, after his front wheel struck a…

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Auto safety tech can’t stand up to perils of distracted driving

For all of the technological achievements we have made as a society, Americans continue to be their own worst hazards. This is especially evident in the realm of driving. Seat…

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Exploding manholes: One of many New York City traditions

The winter weather in New York this year has been burdensome, to say the least. Heavy snow alone is difficult and dangerous enough. But when heavy snow and road salt…

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Fatality Arises From Pothole

The winter weather took its toll on New York City-area roadways, creating potholes of all sizes that can cause serious damage to vehicles, and even death, as in one unfortunate…

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