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Serious Injuries From Falls Or Falling Objects At Construction Sites

Almost everywhere you go in New York City, buildings are surrounded by scaffolding for cleaning, updating or other projects. Too often, this activity results in tragic accidents when workers fall or are struck from above by construction materials. New York’s special labor laws make it more feasible to hold companies and third parties liable for construction accidents in an effort to encourage safety around these work sites.

New York’s special labor laws make it more feasible for a falling object injury lawyer hold companies and third parties liable for construction accidents in an effort to encourage safety around these work sites.

If you were injured by a falling object or a fall from elevation, call the experienced NYC construction accident lawyers at Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, at 212-571-7171. You may be entitled to damages above and beyond workers’ compensation. We can help you determine if you’re able to receive compensation to help cover medical bills, lost wages and other damages from your unexpected injury.

What is a falling object accident?

Although we often group together falling object injuries and injuries that come from falls, it’s worth understanding the two distinct types of personal injury lawsuit so you can begin to understand if you’ve got a case.

A falling object injury is one that’s come when an item has stuck you from above. In many cases, this relates to objects falling from a construction site or scaffolding. That said, falling debris can also happen during storms – or simply when something is propelled from an elevated window.

Whatever the cause, building owners and the companies or construction workers that are working there should be taking measures to prevent falling object injuries. If they haven’t, and you’ve been hurt, there’s almost certainly grounds for an investigation and lawsuit.

New York’s Unique Labor Law Protections

Whether you’ve been struck by falling objects (such as building materials or masonry) or you’re a construction worker who has fallen from a height, the same New York law will apply to your case.

The New York statute (Labor Law 240) that protects people injured in falling accidents is often referred to as the “scaffolding law” or Section 240. It is based on res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself), a legal doctrine that asserts because an accident happened, negligence can be presumed. For example, a hammer does not fall two stories by itself; it was placed precariously or dropped by someone. A structurally sound scaffolding does not suddenly collapse; someone assembled it wrong or used compromised parts.

This means that after a falling accident, the injured party does not have to prove negligence. The contractor and/or property owner are presumed liable for such injuries, and the burden is on the defendants to prove that the working conditions were safe or that the injured employee acted recklessly. Common accidents under Section 240 include:

  • Falling off a roof or over the side
  • Falling into a hole or opening
  • Falls from a ladder or scaffold
  • Being struck by falling tools or construction debris
  • Other injuries involving gravity and working at elevation
  • Injuries to tenants or passersby

We Have Recovered Compensation For Many Trade Workers

Injuries resulting from falling accidents and falling objects are often serious, with long-term effects. At Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, we are passionate about advocating for what you need to recover after an injury. Our proven track record of success includes a 47-year-old plumber’s assistant who was awarded $250,000 for injuries suffered in falling from a 15-foot height and an asbestos worker who was awarded $382,500 after falling from a scaffold and suffering a fractured heel and two herniated disks in his neck.

We deal with the insurance company – so you don’t have to

Often, it’s in the best interests of insurance companies to reach out to you quickly after an accident. The person you talk to will be friendly and will try to settle your case as quickly as possible.

At this stage, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t agree to anything. In fact, it’s in your best interest to end the call as quickly as you can.


Because insurance coverage providers are not on your side. It’s their job to minimise the amount of money that’s paid out to you. In some cases, they will try to avoid a financial compensation payout altogether – leaving you out of pocket with no justice for what’s happed to you or your loved on.

Politely tell them that you’re speaking to a New York personal injury lawyer – then talk to us straight afterwards.

What kinds of injuries can result from falls or falling objects?

Unfortunately, even small falls or otherwise lightweight objects can cause severe injuries. This means New York falling object cases often result in:

  • Head injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Spinal injuries & paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Injuries to hands, feet, and limbs
  • Loss of vision

Sadly, the nature of falling object accidents and falls from height sometimes mean we represent clients who have lost loved ones because of someone else’s negligence. If this has happened to you, we can promise the utmost care and compassion as we fight for justice on your behalf.

If you have been injured at a job site, reach out to Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, to work with a knowledgeable advocate who will guide you through the legal process while aggressively pursuing your compensation.

We speak 5 languages and can support people working in New York without documentation

The team at Sakkas, Cahn and Weiss, LLP, speak 5 different languages – and we understand the huge variety of cultures here in New York City.

What’s more, we also understand that not all construction workers have the necessary documentation to work in the U.S. legally. If this applies to you – don’t panic. The law still protects you – and we’ll do everything possible to make sure you’re protected by the same laws that apply to everyone in New York.

Schedule A Free Consultation With a New York Construction Accident Lawyer Today

We understand that the idea of sitting down with personal injury attorneys can feel intimidating. Do you have to understand New York laws around the injury you’ve sustained? Will you be expected to understand the jargon? Are you going to be pressured into taking your case forward?

At Sakkas, Cahn and Weiss, LLP, the answer to those questions is a firm ‘no’. When you have an informal free legal consultation with one of our personal accident lawyers, we’ll chat with you about what’s happened – and, importantly, we’ll listen.

We don’t expect accident victims to have all the answers. Instead, we’ll ask a few questions, get an understanding of your circumstances, and then explain possible ways forward.

Call 212-571-7171 today for a free consultation with an experienced construction accident attorney. You can also reach out to us online by sending us an email.

If you have been injured at a job site, reach out to Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, to work with a knowledgeable advocate who will guide you through the legal process while aggressively pursuing your compensation.

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