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How Do Scaffolding Injuries Happen?

Scaffolding injuries are ubiquitous in New York City. They’re notoriously dangerous to workers and non-worker pedestrians alike. At any given time, there are usually around 13,000 active scaffolding permits active…

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Why Pedestrians Need Personal Injury Lawyers

When a 3,000-pound car collides with a human being, it may seem like common sense that the human being should win the resulting injury case. After all, doesn’t the driver…

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Audit Finds NYC Department of Buildings is Failing to Protect Construction Workers on Building Sites

Recently, a New York City construction worker fell from a 15th floor scaffold to the sidewalk below, and died. It is not clear whether he was wearing any form of…

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Do Red Light Cameras Make Us Safer?

As personal injury lawyers we pay close attention to trends in traffic safety. We give a lot of thought to whether certain measures actually make drivers safer, and we give…

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