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Christmas sees spike in injuries

One might assume that the most common injuries on Christmas occur from activities such as starting a holiday fire for the family to gather around or drinking and driving after…

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5 tips to prevent biking fatalities in New York

Residents in New York are encouraged to use biking as a means of transportation. However, dozens of these bicyclists die in motor vehicle accidents each year. Last year, the city…

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Kids with concussions can phase in activity in a few days

Pediatricians walk back the ‘7 days of rest’ precaution In the old days, concussions in children were not taken seriously or not properly treated. Shake it off. Get back out…

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Premises liability suit blames faulty wiring for child’s tragedy

Shoddy electrical wiring is being blamed for a horrific accident at a Maryland casino that left a child profoundly disabled. The family has filed a premises liability suit against MGM…

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