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This Personal Injury Lawyer Says The Big Baby Suing Nirvana Lawsuit Is A Joke

History of Nirvana Table of Contents History of Nirvana Spencer Elden is the poster child for frivolous lawsuits, not for Nirvana The actual history of the album cover How to…

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The Plaintiff’s Deposition And How It Affects Your Lawsuit

You had an accident, hired a law firm, and became a plaintiff in a lawsuit. Your lawyers interviewed you, investigated the accident scene, took photos, got the police report, and…

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Why are New York’s streets deadlier in 2021 than in previous years?

The grim results are in. In the first six months of the year, car accidents in New York City killed 124 people. According to advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, it was…

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Sexual Assault by a Doctor – Even if Consensual, You can Still Sue Your Doctor and Win

The Law Table of Contents The Law The Conduct is Shunned by Medical Professionals and Boards Insurance Coverage A Recent Case In Our Office Conclusion The Conduct is Shunned by…

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