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Who is responsible for icy sidewalk falls?

A record-breaking winter storm slammed New York City recently, shutting down airports and leaving more than 17 inches of snow in Central Park. Residents and business owners scrambled to dig…

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Slip and fall in New York: How long do I have to file a claim? | Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP

New York state law requires property owners to keep the property in good condition. More specifically, state law says the owner must use “reasonable care to keep the premises in…

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Are out-of-possession landlords liable for slippery sidewalks?

Winter is coming, and New Yorkers can expect weather ranging from freezing rain to sleet and snow. It’s a season for warm scarves and jackets. And for the city’s landlords,…

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Will Future Technology Put Slip-And-Falls In The Past?

In movie lore, famous robots have battled everything from homicidal criminals to planet-destroying empires. Marty is a robot whose enemies may not be as dangerous as emperors and murderers. Yet,…

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Robots being placed in grocery stores to prevent slip and falls

There are millions of slip and fall accidents in the United States each year. Some reports suggest over 300 thousand injuries and around 15 thousand deaths occur as a result.…

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Slips and falls don’t happen only in cold months

The weather outside is frightful in some parts of the country. It’s not snowing. Precipitation is appearing in another form, as sweat on the brow. Even though New York City…

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Injuries from a New York slip and fall could warrant legal action

It is easy to suddenly become involved in an injury-causing accident. Unexpected conditions on someone’s property may arise that present a risk that was not obviously noticeable, and as a…

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Slip-and-fall accidents: Who’s at fault?

We all know that accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Usually, we try to make decisions that keep us from harm, but sometimes, it is impossible to avoid an…

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Owners could be liable for failing to maintain safe conditions

Serious injuries that result from falling can often create many issues for the injured parties. If the harm occurred due to a property owner’s failing to maintain safe conditions, the…

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Injuries from slip and fall may warrant compensation in New York

During the winter months, snow and ice can cause considerable hazards to individuals everywhere. However, if property owners do not take the steps to clear walkways and other paths, there…

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