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Bill to put tenant relocation costs on landlords is back

New York City has a lot of buildings and a lot of them are not as safe as they should be. Considering that so many of them are called home…

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Anti-distracted driving laws leave much to be desired

New York laws prohibit not just texting behind the wheel, but all handheld cellphone use while driving. The majority of states have banned texting, but New York is among only…

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When slip-and-fall accidents result in property damage

The cold winter weather means that it’s slip-and-fall season here in New York and across much of the Northeast. When business owners and landlords fail to shovel sidewalks and spread…

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Thinking big when it comes to NYC traffic accident prevention

New York is in the midst of its Vision Zero campaign. As part of that effort, Mayor de Blasio signed a bill that went into effect late last year to…

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Bicyclists may have an explanation for breaking traffic laws

In recent months, we have written about the growing clash between bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers in New York City. Although bicyclists and pedestrians are now beginning to end their truce,…

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What is primary assumption of risk?

Recently, a Long Island school district failed to convince an appellate court to dismiss a personal injury suit stemming from a minor’s midnight tumble down a school stairway while he…

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Lawsuit over fatal stage collapse settled for $50 million

Because we are currently in the grips of a cold and snowy winter, New Yorkers have no doubt been fondly remembering the warmer months that allow for outdoor activities. In…

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