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Casino bus crash leaves 4 passengers and 1 bystander injured

From lottery tickets to blackjack tables, Americans love to gamble. 2014 statistics from Business Insider Magazine estimate that annually, the U.S. gambling industry rakes in $240 billion. To get patrons…

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Can I Receive Compensation for My Injuries in Amateur Sports?

For some, playing amateur sports is a great recreational activity and fun way to get some exercise. Many people like to play on teams that meet after work and on…

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Are New York City’s pre-kindergarten centers safe?

Parents of an estimated 70,000 New York City four year olds are anxiously awaiting the start of the city’s universal pre-kindergarten program next month. Under the program, four-year-old children from…

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Skateboarding Safety Tips

Skateboarding is an activity that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. While many people enjoy skateboarding recreationally, others use it as a convenient means of transportation. Skateboarding can range…

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Is your local New York City playground safe?

According to New York City’s Department of City Planning, approximately 24 percent of the city’s more than 8.4 million residents are under the age of 18. For younger children, the…

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Nothing funny about this: amusement park misadventures

We note on our website at Sakkas, Cahn & Weiss, LLP, that “New York is one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.” OK, that is an admittedly mundane utterance and…

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Fears mount in New York City as 12 reported dead in Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

New York City is in the midst of a public health crisis as a deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak has claimed the lives of 12 city residents. The first reported case…

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New Technology Will Help City Vehicles Avoid Collisions

New York City will be implementing collision avoidance technology in MTA buses in an effort to further the goals of Vision Zero. The pilot program will allow for 100 city…

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Can I Sue a Pet Store if an Animal I Buy Makes Me Sick?

Pets of all kinds bring much happiness to children and adults alike. Pets can also teach children a great deal about responsibility and compassion. In fact, 60% of families in…

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Kraft Cheese Recall

Many people enjoy the convenience of Kraft’s individually wrapped cheese slices. They’re great for packing in a lunch box, and can keep fresh longer than some other cheeses. Kraft recently…

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