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How is the severity of a brain injury measured?

If you recently learned that a loved one suffered a head injury, one of your first questions may be about how serious the injury is. However, the answer to your…

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TBI may have influenced Hernandez’s murderous behavior

A new Netflix documentary details the trial of ex-Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez and highlights the severity of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in contact sports. The NFL, including teams like…

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Kids with concussions can phase in activity in a few days

Pediatricians walk back the ‘7 days of rest’ precaution In the old days, concussions in children were not taken seriously or not properly treated. Shake it off. Get back out…

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How is traumatic brain injury treated?

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is every bit as serious as it sounds. It has the potential to be permanent and life-changing, for the injury victim and for the…

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4 serious complications of traumatic brain injury

After a car accident or other head trauma, victims may be confused, unable to remember what happened or realize where they are. If the person comes to their senses, that…

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The severity of brain injuries varies considerably

Last year, the New York Daily Post published an article about the rising costs of day care in New York City. During 2015, parents in the city could expect to…

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A mild traumatic brain injury is still a serious injury

Any blow to the head — whether from a car accident, a fall or some other type of injury — can cause serious and lasting damage. A person should get…

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5 things to know about traumatic brain injury

Recognize the signs of concussion and TBI A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have a significant impact on your life. It can change a person in every way – physically,…

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3 significant ways life changes for teens with a TBI

A traumatic brain injury disrupts learning, development and career plans Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating and unpredictable. In a split second, life shifts, and it may never be the…

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Unpredictable Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injuries

By now, most of America has either seen footage of or heard something about Keith Scott, the 43-year-old African American who was shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina last…

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